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Tommy Sofield - Easy Lot

Tommy Sofield

Tommy’s multifaceted position combines strategic oversight, project management, and leadership to drive the success of the development projects and the overall company.

Tommy’s also serves as the driving force behind project success. By wearing the hat of a head project manager, he ensures that every facet of the development aligns seamlessly towards achieving its objectives. His strategic vision and decision-making skills guided the project through its lifecycle.

In addition to project management, Tommy’s leadership shapes the company’s direction. His responsibilities encompass setting the company’s goals, defining its strategies, and nurturing a culture of excellence. His insights and decisions influence not only individual projects but also the company’s long-term growth and success.

Fun Fact: Don’t eat yellow snow

Terence - Easy Lot

Terence McGlashan

Terence is the creative vision behind easylot. He also plays a pivotal role as the Sales and Marketing Consultant, responsible for cultivating valuable relationships with potential buyers. His role encompasses strategic coordination, effective communication, and the skillful art of relationship management. His interactions are marked by professionalism and an in-depth understanding of the development and their appeal. 

Terence’s role extends beyond initial interactions. He carefully guides potential buyers through the decision-making process, addressing their questions, concerns, and needs. 

Fun Fact: Terence loves to fish, he has landed many of fish but still looks forward to catching his first Blue Marlin.

Kim Andrada - Easy Lot Team Member

Kim Andrada

Kimberly serves as an essential Admin and Financial Coordinator, contributing to the smooth operation of financial activities and client interactions within the organization. With a focus on developments, her responsibilities encompass diverse tasks ranging from managing payment collection and financial reports to engaging with clients about their Loan financing contract inquiries. Additionally, she ensures adherence to obtaining approvals and processing restrictions, and government mandates on closing processes.

Ian Davis - Easy Lot

Ian Davis

Ian is a capable Site Foreman tasked with overseeing the successful execution of development projects. His pivotal role revolves around ensuring that the designated scope of work is effectively accomplished. By maintaining a keen eye on project objectives, Ian plays a central role in guiding the project towards its goals. Ian’s responsibilities extend to the meticulous management of the job site and the coordination of work schedules. With a blend of organizational finesse and effective communication, Ian ensures that tasks are carried out efficiently, and project timelines are upheld.

Courtney Bennett

Courtney Bennett

Courtney is a proficient Heavy Equipment Operator who plays a pivotal role in the development process. Operating a diverse range of heavy equipment, Courtney’s responsibilities encompass executing assignments with precision, timeliness, and unwavering commitment to safety. Courtney’s skillful operation of heavy machinery ensures that development tasks are carried out effectively, contributing to project milestones. In addition to operating heavy equipment, Courtney takes great care to maintain a clean and well-functioning work environment. Diligent upkeep of working tools and equipment guarantees that machinery is consistently in optimal condition, further enhancing operational efficiency.
Courtney’s skillful operation of heavy machinery ensures that development tasks are carried out effectively, contributing to project milestones. A strong focus on accuracy and adherence to established timelines underscores Courtney’s dedication to project success.


Patrick Brown

Patrick play an essential and impactful role within the company. While their title as Helpers might not fully capture their significance, their contribution is immense as they handle all the manual labor duties vital to the company’s operations. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of the organization, performing a wide array of tasks that are fundamental to the company’s success. From physically demanding work to intricate tasks, Richard and Patrick demonstrate their dedication and hard work every day.
Their efforts form the bedrock of the company’s operations, ensuring that projects are executed smoothly and efficiently. Their role goes beyond labels, showcasing their commitment to excellence and the integral part they play in the company’s overall achievements.

Bentley The Dog

Bentley "The Dog"

Bentley is a remarkable addition to the team, serving as more than just a service dog. With his gentle demeanor and irresistible charm, he brings a unique dimension of joy and positivity to the workspace. Bentley’s role goes beyond conventional tasks; he plays the essential role of being the team’s stress reliever and morale booster.
Bentley’s mere presence has the power to brighten everyone’s day. His friendly interactions and unconditional companionship create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. In times of stress or pressure, Bentley’s calming influence offers respite, allowing team members to recharge and refocus.

Fun Fact: He loves sitting on peoples laps and giving them face licks. He also loves the water and will jump in any chance he gets.

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Section 27

Who is responsible for stamp duty on my land purchase?

In the Cayman Islands, the buyer is typically responsible for stamp duty on property purchases (if applicable). This payment is typically due after you pay off your land. However, there are exemptions available, such as for first-time Caymanian property buyers.

For more information, please visit:

Section 13.2

What is a fill notice and when do I need it?

A fill notice is a document informing us you’re ready to begin to fill your site as per planning regulations. You will request this from the developer at the appropriate time.

Section 13

Can you explain what it means to fill and clear the plot as per the fill notice?

You are responsible per planning regulations for preparing your lot under the specified requirements. This will include filling and clearing your land. If you require more detail on this please refer to the planning website for more information.

Section 9.4

Is there a fee for paying off my land early?

Easy Lot offers a fixed-rate financing program for predictability. There is an early termination fee if you pay off your loan within the first 60 months. This fee is a 15% percentage of the remaining interest on your loan balance.

Section 9

What are the Fees & Expenses in the sales agreement and why do these pertain to me?

This section only applies to you should you default on your payments. To avoid this contact us if you’re having trouble paying, so we can help.

Section 5.1.2

Can I make extra payments towards my loan?

Absolutely! You can make additional payments towards your principal at any time. This can help you pay off your land faster.

Section 4.2.2

How do I make my deposit and monthly payments to Easy Lot?

Easy Lot accepts secure deposits and monthly payments only through online transfer to our CIBC First Caribbean International Bank account.

  • Beneficiary Account Name: High Rock 67 Ltd
  • Beneficiary Bank: CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Cayman Ltd
  • Beneficiary Account No: CHECKING Account: 10488412
  • Swift Code : FCIBKYKY
  • Currency: KYD (Cayman Dollars)
  • Bank Address: 25 Main St, George Town, Cayman Islands